Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Stress buster.

The first thing that's going through my head is that I've got to code for the website I started.
But maybe I need this. Reading my thoughts in front of my eyes, this is weird, maybe because its my first blog.
I've got music playing on the computer right now.. major stress buster.
So here is the scenario I've got four projects I am working on simultaneously.
and this got me thinking of what all ways I have to take care of stress
well photography is one way of keeping me in a good mood and so is listening to music
and as things go making a music video should be the best stress relief for me.

But that's not how it goes not that it's not fun but then you end up worrying about
the next steps i.e. editing, color correction, and audio.

So that is when you realize that the best stress buster is when you actually finish a project or something
you started.

Lets take things into perspective, when you listen to music then you know that you have nothing to worrying about and also that music is nothing but some frequency's of sound that are designed to be in order or to sound complete. Our body(ears to be specific) are designed to appreciate the sound and therefore we like it.
and taking photography into consideration i believe that the photos i take should not be edited. So the thing that satisfies me the most is the fact that the project is started only in an instance, you frame, click and that is it the photo is taken, done, nothing to worry or think or plan about.

But the best way of stress relief is meditation at least that's how it goes for me, the ability to visualize the stress and flush it out or calm down in an instant, well that takes practice but is an amazing ability, helps me to have a clear mind and thing straight, stress does all sorts of things to you, almost makes me wonder how predictable the mind is, people do unheard things mostly bad when they are stressed, and the worst thing someone can do is to argue, or trouble someone who is stressed, crazy things can take place.

Come to think of it blogging is also pretty good stress relief, because the finished product in in front of my eyes.
Well that's it. First blog done.
Now that I'm reviewing just realized that I've got to make a website.
Well back to work then.